Apr 8, 2018

The drama never stops.

You know I started writing this some time back, around late January or February...
Two weeks back I had had my ‘probationary review’ which came two months later than it was supposed to and happened after I had a conversation with my boss that I had thought was the review.

I’ve come to really detest any close contact with my boss. He’s unstable and inconsistent. He’s the kind of person who the less you have to do with the better off you are. The general consensus the fellow drones is that he doesn’t know how to do his job, he is widely detested by his subordinates and more often than not makes things more complicated and likely to go off the rails rather than making things run more smoothly.
Anyway, the upshot was that I got my review and got glowing marks although it involved my boss asking me all kinds of personal questions that I was very uncomfortable with including my birthday and if I had a wife or a girlfriend, when my birthday was, my cell number, looking at my house on Google Maps. I mean it was creepy.

Anyway, I got through that and got fairly good marks regarding my performance. It's not that I was expecting any kind of raise or anything and honestly I would just as soon bypass the whole affair if money isn’t involved.

I’m there to do my job, to help and not cause problems, to do my work and do it well.

It’s a perfectly businesslike and professional approach I try to take even under the circumstances where I’m dealing with someone who is totally unprofessional/

It was over and I did get good marks and then a week later I got called into the idiot’s office again...

This time I was told I had missed a callout on something. A callout just is a label ostensively telling you how a component is supposed to print. It’s relatively minor and we do have a proofreading department (QA) that checks our work but overall it’s something minor because after all it’s a label and it’s more important that the actually file is built correctly.

So, I go into the office and now I’m getting crap about something minor and at the same time I’m being told I work too slow. So the gist here is to be perfect and fast and to ignore the fact that there are other people checking work (including account and client) that didn’t catch anything it all boils down to me. Then the little episode goes on including telling me I can’t work remotely (when everyone else on the account seems to be able to do so) and which is something I asked about even before I took the job and was told it wouldn’t be a problem and which I did bring up because when winter comes and with snow and living alone and being responsible to clear my driveway it sometimes makes a lot more sense not to schlep in and just work remotely.

Mind you, this company has offices around the world and has those other offices (in cheaper climes) doing work on these accounts and not particularly well either. Whatever the case is though I found it to be a complete opposite because I had bought the topic up during the review and it didn’t appear to be a problem at all but in the week in between now things had completely changed.

I have to say, usually... I like to keep a low profile but I know when I’m being jerked around and what resulted was me looking at my boss and starting to raise my voice asking if he actually had called me into his office to bother me with this piddilly ass bullshit. Further I said to him point blank, “Let me understand this, my work is supposed to be perfect and you want me to go a lot faster? Let me save the trouble, I’m not your guy.”

In other words, “FUCK YOU.”

I didn’t say the fuck you part but just about everything but, I don’t have a high tolerance level for people’s stupidity or power games. I yelled at the guy for a bit and he seemed cowed somewhat. I figure, if they want to fire you it doesn’t matter what kind of job you’re doing they’ll find a way. It’s employment at will after all.

I did speak to the HR person about ti though because this hasn’t been the first time I’ve dealt with some kind of stupidity from this jerk.

Now, this was back in December just before the holidays and we were slow in the week between the holidays which had the idiot telling people they could leave early if they wanted to (but you wouldn’t get paid for it) because they were slow. He’s the same guy who has gone to people telling them they HAVE TO cancel plans because some crisis has arisen and he hasn’t staffed or planned well to deal with it.

January we had snow and there was another back and forth with this idiot. In this case I could work from home, had work but I couldn’t simply because HE didn’t want me to. This contradicted with company policy, what I had been told and after a gchat back and forth he told me he would call me when he got into the office himself to which I told him to write it down and send me an email. Then I forwarded the chat to the HR person.

These are no win situations and they’re stressful. They’re stressful in a way I would hope to escape at this stage of life. So, the only option I can see or could see at the time was to look for another gig.

Then came MLK day and I decided to use my carry over time and take a decent break from everything for a bit. It couldn’t hurt just to be out of a toxic environment for a bit and that long five day weekend I was going to have turned into a almost two weeks because I got the flu!

So when I did get back into the office it was nice because more than a few people came up and asked after me and how I was feeling and I was genuinely surprised and touched.

And that was a good thing.

The drama didn’t end though as I alluded to in the previous post but I’m just trying to play catch up a little and clean out the drafts queue because things have dramatically changed on a bunch of fronts and that’s one of the reasons why it’s been such a chore to write because I’ve just been too busy dealing with all the sturm and drang.

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